My Books

The Hidden Amethyst (2013)

Amethyst Butternut is a ten-year-old girl who finds herself trapped on the orphan train, desperately trying to find a way out. She soon discovers it is just the beginning of her adventure as she and her new friends embark on a perilous quest. Facing danger and magic around every turn, Amethyst must remain strong as she fights evil and finds her true identity.


“From the first sentence, it’s clear that this author knows how to tell a story. I can’t wait to see what comes next from J.C. Buchanan, and I’m proud to know her.” – Andrew Peterson, author of The Wingfeather Saga

“Full of adventure, wit, and imagination, The Hidden Amethyst is a journey that anyone will enjoy taking. J.C. Buchanan is a burgeoning young talent, and I hope this is only the first of many books she’ll write.” – Josh Wilson, National Recording Artist (EMI)


You’ll Be Like Faye (2015)

In her second novel, J.C. Buchanan leaves the fairy kingdom behind and introduces her readers to Faye Corcoran, a regular 12-year-old girl in a typical suburban family. But is it a typical suburban family? And when Faye’s best friend convinces her there’s something suspicious about the new housekeeper, how far will Faye go for answers?


“This young writer really knows how to pull a reader in! I was captivated by the first page. I look forward to much more by J.C. Buchanan.” – Nicole O’Dell, author of the Diamond Estates series


“I was swept up into this story from the moment I began reading. This novel left me looking forward to reading more stories to come from this talented young author!” – Ellie Holcomb, National Recording Artist


 Far Away Faye (2017)

In this short sequel to “You’ll Be Like Faye”, “Far Away Faye” follows the journey of Heather as she makes her new life far from all she’s ever known. Meanwhile, friends and family back home are struggling to make sense of the loss that is driving them apart. Despite all she’s been through, will Heather be able to make peace with her new self while still remembering the one she left behind?






Proof of Purple (2018)

Sixteen-year-old Saige Pemberton lives in a perfect world—a world free of sickness, crime, and chaos. But for Saige, nothing in her life is as easy as it should be: not with her family, and not with her friends.

Risa Dobbin has always been a model citizen, but when the world she trusted fails her, she begins to ask questions she never dared to ask before.

Mirren Chase has never felt good enough for her world. After her worst nightmare comes true, she wonders if her identity truly has become defined by her failure.

When the unthinkable happens, all three girls are forced to face their fears and insecurities in ways they never expected. Could the ideals that their society is built upon not actually be as perfect as they seem? Do they even dare hope for second chances in a world where mistakes are unforgivable?