Book Reviews

Some notes on my reviews!

I read across a broad spectrum of age ranges and a lot of my reads end up being what is labeled as juvenile fiction because sometimes they’re just better books than a lot of YA. If you’re a teenager looking for good books, like me, do not rule out fiction I have labeled for younger readers. The age a book is targeted at does not solely determine the quality of a book.

I also have my own system of categorizing, as I have decided I do not like the typical system of “Juvenile Fiction,” “YA”, and “Adult Fiction.” A good book is a good book, no matter what the targeted age range is. I’ve also found that there are plenty of “YA” books that are no different than juvenile books, and others that should not be YA due to explicit content.

I simply have these sorted by my best age recommendation, based on content ūüôā

Ages 8+ Realistic Fiction





Ages 8+ Fantasy





Ages 8+  Historical Fiction


Ages 9+ Sci Fi/Dystopian



Ages 10 + Realistic Fiction


Ages 10+ Historical Fiction


Ages 10+ Fantasy


Ages 12+  Dystopian/Sci-Fi

Ages 12+ Fantasy



Ages 12+ Historical Fiction



Ages 13+  Historical Fiction


Ages 13+   Dystopian/Sci-Fi



Ages 13+   Realistic Fiction






13+ Historical Fantasy

14 + Mystery/Suspense


Ages 14+ Realistic Fiction



Ages 14+ Biblical Fiction


Ages 14 + Historical Fiction



Ages 13 + OTHER