Daisy: The Homeschool Kids by Riley Rawls

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Title: Daisy: The Homeschool Kids

Author: Riley Rawls

Published By: CreateSpace (2017)

Synopsis: Daisy Freeman is a Christian, teenage homeschooler, whose freshman year has just gotten started! The school year kicks off on the first day of co-op, when Daisy will finally see her best friend Harley again, who has been away on vacation. Freshman year will be a breeze with her by Daisy’s side! But her day goes far differently than she’d expected when she learns that Harley, the preacher’s daughter, and her family are moving away.
Daisy can’t understand why this is God’s plan! Why? Daisy’s family and friends try to convince her that God always has a plan and a purpose for everything, and she just has to accept that and trust in Him. But will she ever learn to do that as everything seems to fall apart around her?


Omigosh, the world needs more books like this: happy books that so perfectly capture the Christian homeschool lifestyle. This story brought back so many co-op memories for me and I related to so much of the story!

While I thought the characters could have used a little more characterization, they weren’t flat or underdeveloped in the least. I really came to love these different personalities, and I’m so looking forward to getting to know them even more in future books!

I thought the storyline flowed well, with good structure, and no fluff or pointless drama. The plot of the story was fast-paced but not dramatic; just regular everyday life done exceptionally well.

The one setback I had was how it ended with everything tied up in a perfect little bow. Granted, that is just how the story was written to be, from what I can tell—to be a sweet story about the life of homeschoolers, not anything super deep, and I have absolutely no problems with that—but it felt a little stilted, maybe because those kind of perfect reconciliations don’t always happen in real life.

Still, like I said, I think this book was meant to be more of a happy, sweet story with subtle morals, and looking it at from that angle it made total sense to have everything wrap up so well. And I do think the author did a good job with it!

Negative Content/Notes:

No negative content!


Honestly, like I’ve said, the world needs more happy books like this, and it truly does capture the homeschooler spirit! On that same note, though, I’m not sure anyone who’s not a Christian homeschooler will really enjoy this book the same way a homeschooler might. But I could be totally wrong on that!

Rating: 5.0

Recommended to: Anyone who is homeschooled, all ages!

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