Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen by Millie Florence

Title: Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen

Author: Millie Florence

Published By: Sprouting Pen Press (2019)


Lydia Green never had reason to worry much before.

She lived in a timeless Glen on the edge of the Valleylands with her mismatched family of fairies, philosophers, and two troublemakers known as the Zs.

But now, at age eleven, her world is turned upside down when rumors reach Mulberry Glen about a mysterious Darkness that dwells in the forest Tenebrae.

Lydia knows it is nothing to be trifled with, but, fiery and headstrong, the Zs have other ideas. A foolish choice puts their lives in danger, and although she is no hero, Lydia realizes that family is something she is willing to fight for.

But among the shifting library shelves and lonely stone towers of her quest, Lydia is chased with more questions than answers. The Darkness of the forest lurks within her own mind, and how can you fight something which is all in your head?

In her second novel, Millie Florence weaves a tapestry of passion, heart, and magic. Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen is a pure, hopeful fantasy for both parents and children alike. (Taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen is such a heartfelt and inspiring novel, from the creative storytelling, to the lovable characters, to the powerful thematics. Millie’s tangible writing style draws you in like a cup of warm tea, and her lovable characters wrap their arms around your heart. The story is uniquely told, with many instances of, “Dear reader,” which made for a tale feeling much like a fairytale. The storyline weaves intricately, telling a careful tale of a young girl resisting change, and the themes that unravel are ones that readers young and old will resonate with.

The story follows young Lydia, who has never left the Glen, her treasured and well-loved home, but times are changing, and she is about to be apprenticed. Dreading this change with every fiber of her being, she suddenly finds herself leaving of her own accord when the Zs, who are family to her, disappear on a fruitless mission and Lydia knows she must stop them. Along the way we are met with a traverse band of characters—spunky, logical Prehna; sweet Coran; sly Cole; and many others. As Lydia journeys, we also watch as she takes an inward journey, too: a journey of character, strength, determination, and loyalty. 

At certain times scenes droned for a bit longer than I felt necessary, but outside of that, the story was excellently structured. I was absolutely blown away by how the thematics of light vs darkness manifested in this novel. Lydia’s character arc was also incredible. Every character was so carefully crafted and brought the story together through all their different personalities, and I absolutely loved it. The story demonstrates incredible talent and I can’t wait to see what Millie comes out with next!

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Recommended To: All ages!

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