The Shadowed Onyx by Nicole O’Dell


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Title: The Shadowed Onyx (Diamond Estates, #3)

Author: Nicole O’Dell

Published By: Barbour Books (2012)


Join dejected seventeen-year-old Joy Christianson on her journey to hope and healing as she leaves a dark world behind and moves into Diamond Estates, a home for troubled teens. This brand-new novel for teen girls will not only entertain, but also promises to capture your heart and challenge your faith. (Taken from Goodreads.)


This book, of all the Diamond Estates, is my favorite; it was written so beautifully, painfully, amazingly. One thing I can say about this book is it is definitely written party for an outreach; no one, after reading this, will ever be tempted to get into witchcraft. Nicole O’Dell portrays the whole ordeal in perfect matter; she writes fiction with such a real, haunting feel to it. On a different note, I love, love, loved the Christian outreach written in as well, the themes that eventually save our main character from destruction. I wanted to just cheer for Joy in her moment of revelation!

One thing I love about Nicole O’Dell’s books is, while they deal with deep and mature content, they always stay appropriate and non-violent. I loved all of her books, but this one was just written incredulously and made me sad, mad, and happy all at the same time: sad for Joy and her loss of her best friend; mad at Joy for her decision to turn to witchcraft; and happy that this is not my world, nor any of my friends or families’ worlds.

Negative Content/Notes:

Joy, our main character, gets involved in witchcraft, which is explained in detail, but not in the wrong light.


I would recommend reading this series in order, with this being the third book, but realistically, it doesn’t truly matter. This book was simply amazing: harsh with reality, gentle with truth, and overall such strong Christian themes that you can’t—and shouldn’t—ignore. I would give this book 10 stars if I could.

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Recommended to: Teen girls 13+

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