Trouble in Bookland by Marlene Simonette

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Title: Trouble in Bookland (Part One)

Author: Marlene Simonette

Published By: Marlene Simonette (2016)

Synopsis: For her thirteenth birthday, Writer Linda is taken to the Isle of Authors, focal point in the land of Dreams. While there, the Board of Authors, rulers of the land of Dreams, requests her presence.
They want her to visit a Patch, one of the many Published worlds of fiction: Bookland. The former Author of the Patch was Rejected for founding the world on revenge, and the Patch was put on hold until a suitable Writer could be found to take over and finish the story. Now it’s active and burning away the surrounding Patches. The Authors themselves are unable to enter the world, as the Gateway to Bookland has been locked against them.
Linda must discover who has activated the Patch, and stop him or her before the entire Patchwork is destroyed. (Taken from Goodreads)


There is simply too much I liked about this book to contain in one review! If you love reading or writing, you NEED to read this work of art—a fictional piece about a fictional world: literally about characters who are writers who go into fictional worlds and meet their characters. I mean seriously, how awesome can a book get?

This book was very fast-paced, short, and sweet: I read it in under an hour and even that wasn’t fast enough, I was so captivated. The plot was incredibly fast paced, like I’ve said, but I mostly think it seemed that way because I thought it was more a full length novel. It being it was more a novella, the plot pace was perfect. Really, if you think of this as a short story, everything is done just perfectly.

I was confused a bit towards the middle, but with all the paradoxes of fictional worlds in a fictional world and all that, I don’t count my confusion necessarily as a downside. I rather feel as if there was so much going on I just couldn’t catch all of it, but once I did, it made it even more incredible.

I guess my only real downside is that the plot twist in the end—though it was amazing—was a little sudden and felt a bit forced in the terms that the book just went so fast it sprung on me out of nowhere that I didn’t get a chance to think or wonder about possibilites, neither do I feel I really was able to appreciate the twist as much as I could have.

Negative Content:


Rating: 5.0

Recommended to: I’d highly, highly, highly recommend it to all who like to read and even more to those who like to write!

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