Whispering Leaves Saga by Willowy Whisper

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Title: Whispering Leaves Saga

Author: Willowy Whisper

Published By: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (2015)

Synopsis: She kept remembering the gentle voice, the large warm hand, and the soft heartbeat she had fallen asleep to as a child so many years ago…
Can Silverleaf and Willowy Whisper survive the trials and tribulations of their hearts and kingdoms? Can they find the love they’ve longed for? Will true love come into their lives, henceforth and forever…?
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Whispering Leaves Saga by Willowy Whisper was a fantastic read!

Though at the beginning it was a little slow, it didn’t take too long for me to get caught up in this epic tale. There was a tangible fairy tale feel to the whole story, a sweet romantic element, and to top it off some positive Christian elements. I loved the way it was a fairytale world that yet included God. The subplots and plots all wove together beautifully to create a stunning tale.

The characters were all done down to the last detail. You feel their pain and their sorrow, their happiness and their joy. The romance was sweet and true, clean and wholesome.

The plotline otherwise—with the kingdoms and true princesses and all that stuff—was also done amazingly, with never-saw-coming reveals, lots of drama, and suspense.

Rating: 5.0

Recommended to: Ages 12+.


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