Banished by Teresa Gaskins

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Title: Banished

Author: Teresa Gaskins

Published By: Tabletop Academy Press (2012)


Who Stole the Magic Shard?

Crown Prince Tyler raised his hands. The crowd fell silent at once. “I have made my decision,” the prince announced. “From this moment forward: Christopher Fredrico is banished from the kingdom of North Raec. If he is found within our territory, his life will be forfeit.”

All Chris wanted was to be a peaceful scholar who could spend a lot of time with his friends. Now, falsely accused of stealing a magical artifact, he is forced to leave the only home he knows. But as he and his friends travel towards the coast, they find a riddle that may save a kingdom—or cost them their lives. (Taken from Goodreads.)


This is an amazing book! What makes it even more amazing is the fact the author is a 13-year-old homeschool girl. I was very excited to read Banished once I found out about it, and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

The writing was incredible! I have to say, I would have never, ever guessed the age of the author based on the story; it could have easily been one of an adult author. In fact, I’ve read adult authors that aren’t even as good as this. I was very impressed!

The characters were phenomenal as well, developed very well, down to the last detail. I also loved how the author gave us a range in personalities in each character. We have Chris, determined, smart, and kind; Arnold, more on the funny side, but very protective and kind to his friends; Terrin, bold and fun-loving; and Nora, my personal favorite, sweet, quiet, and kind. They all interacted well, forming an example of friendship and enhancing the storyline and book further.

The plot was very interesting and action-filled. The book takes place in another world, and the author was very creative with the names of her countries and new creatures, of which were very well described. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

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This book was well written with great characters, a good-paced plot, and a fun setting. I loved it and am looking forward to the second book!

Rating: 4.5

Recommended to: All ages; anyone looking for a good fantasy or adventure.


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