Magic: The Crest by Rena Marthaler

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Title: Magic: The Crest

Author: Rena Marthaler

Published By: CreateSpace (2013)

Synopsis: Magic The Crest is the story of a group of ten-year-old girls who use special powers to battle a flying dragon menacing their elementary school. When the girls receive a prophecy to rescue a child lost in the woods, they succeed. The rescued girl joins the group on a series of thrilling adventures as they search for The Crest. The spirited, brave young ladies have to join together to battle shape-shifting animals, mythological monsters, and supernatural forces of nature on their quest for The Crest. (Taken from Goodreads)



 Before I begin this review, may I begin in saying that this book was written by a nine-year-old girl! It is amazing that she was able to publish such a book at her age and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Full of imagination and fun, Magic: The Crest is a fantasy novel following four friends—Rachel, Lily, Ashley, and Zoe—through the galaxy on their quest first to find a lost child, then to find the magical jewels. Each of the girls possess a certain power depending on their element—fire, earth, water, etc.—that helps them through their quests. There was some element of the girls casting spells, which in a normal book I would have been bothered by, but in this case it was a fun addition to the story.

Shape-shifting dragons, unheard-of planets, lots of magic, and a bit of nine-year-old imagination combines to create an unforgettable story. I enjoyed reading the descriptions of planets, people, and things, and meeting the many interesting characters. The plot was ever-moving and never stopped; there was always something else going on, another adventure to embark on, another person to meet or another mystery to unravel.

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Considering the author is so young, this was an amazing book. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this book was overflowing with nine-year-old imagination. The ideas and plot twists were ones only a nine-year-old could ever have come up with; it was a super, super fun read and I LOVED it. The writer is so creative with her names and setting. The book is written from first person of a nine year old and since the author is the same age as her main character, this was incredibly realistic; the MC sounded exactly like your average nine-year-old.

Rating: 5.0

Recommended to: I’d highly recommend this to all ages, or anybody looking for a fun read!

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