The Old River Road by Ivy Rose

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Title: The Old River Road

Author: Ivy Rose

Published By: Lakeside Publications (2016)

Synopsis: 1885
When seventeen-year-old Clara Boutwell married her dashing coworker, William McDonald, she was convinced her life was near perfect. The journey before them as newlyweds in the great city of Chicago was promising and exciting. But a frightening disease soon takes William in its grip, forcing them to the clean air of the western frontier in a desperate attempt to save his life. But pioneering doesn’t prove to be easy, with miles between neighbors instead of fences. On the eastern Washington prairies, the McDonalds face hardships and trials in a new world where everything is tested, from physical endurance to emotional strength—down to their relationship and faith in the Lord.

This novel tells the incredible true story of Clara and William, the great-great grandparents of the author, in a sweet narrative full of laughter, tears, and the struggles of an early pioneering family. Prepare yourself to share in their experience as you read this account of a pioneer family in Washington state, and see their lasting legacy that has endured into the fifth generation. (Taken from Goodreads)


Was there anything I did not like about this book?

No. There was not.

Ivy Rose has created a beautiful piece of art in The Old River Road. It’s beautiful in almost every aspect it could be. I love this time period the story is set in, so that it made it even better for me, but I think even those who don’t prefer historical fiction can still find the charm in this book.

I also thought it was incredibly awesome that it was based on true events.

Such a clever way of retelling a history in form of fiction! The characters were incredible; I absolutely adored all of them and their interactions were true to life and full of authenticity. The whole story rings themes of love and family, and the writing style displayed so much talent; it was easily better than most adult writers I’ve read of this similiar genre.

While there was really no strong plot or suspense, this kind of story doesn’t need that. It was solely the characters that drove me forward, and I found more than enough enjoyment and happiness just following their lives. I kept reading for these characters, not for what was happening. In fact, I was so disappointed when it finished—I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them! They feel like good friends now.

This book was completely clean and full of sweet and adorable romance. Every interaction, every emotion, every event drew me closer and closer into the story and to the characters.

I loved this book from the first word to the last and I am now super sad that it’s over because I want to see Clara and William and Archie and everyone again. And of course the fact it’s based on true events makes it all so much awesomer. I think it’s such an awesome idea from the author’s point to write a novel like in the form of historical fiction, and though I obviously do not have the documents she pulled from, I would estimate from having read it that she stuck very true to the original.

Negative Content/Notes:



No cons significant enough to mention. I loved everything about this book and loved the characters to pieces. They had me laughing, smiling, and crying. I can’t wait for the next installment! (Please tell me there is another!??!)

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Recommended to: Anyone looking for an amazing read!

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*


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